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These are some resources I others have recommended to me and I am recommending to help others on their journey. These resources are not only for real estate but also for family, life, wellness and mindset.



A common theme from most of the top performers in real estate and business is that they are voracious readers. Some report to read a book a day. These are some of my favorite books that have helped me the most on my real estate journey.


These are some great resources made available from Jake & Gino. The training is designed for those who are starting out in real estate all the way the experienced investor. There is even a module specially designed to help teach kids about money.

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Radio Interview


Podcasts are one of the most popular new media types in the last decade. There is a podcast for just about every interest and real estate investing is no different. This is a list of some of my favorite podcasts that range from health and wellness to mindset, real estate and business.

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