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Showing an Apartment


We perform the necessary market research combined with expert underwriting to source great value-add properties so we can institute our business plan while increasing the value of the property. 


After identifying the property and getting it under contract we complete a comprehensive due diligence and create a business plan to maximize the potential value of the property through performance excellence.

Reaching a Deal
Team Brainstorm


After the acquisition we implement our business plan. This can include repairs and updates to common areas, and units as well as increasing occupancy at market rate and implementing RUBS.


After we have repositioned the property we have likely increased value of the property enough that we can refinance into more favorable loan terms. There is also a good chance we have increased the value enough that we are able to take a good portion of our initial investment out as a cash out refinance.

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After we have instituted our business plan, and secured long term financing we can enjoy continued cash flow from the property.


When the business plan has run its course and market conditions indicate a favorable time to sell we will market the property and be able to return our investors initial investment along with their portion of the proceeds of the sale.

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